Super Stickman Golf 2

Super Stickman Golf 2 2.5.1

Play crazy rounds of golf!

Hit the links in this fun and addictive golf game for Android.

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  • Addictive multiplayer
  • Simple controls
  • Variety of levels



    Hit the links in this fun and addictive golf game for Android.

    Not a traditional golf game

    Super Stickman Golf 2 is a followup to Super Stickman Golf, the highly popular and well-received arcade game. Like its predecessor, you control a stick person competing goofy, yet challenging courses.  Experience is earned from both single player and multiplayer games which can be used to unlock later courses. There is also cash throughout the levels which can be collected and used to buy upgrades or outfits for your stick person. 

    To keep things fresh, the game has a wide variety of level types. Aside from the standard fare of sand traps, ponds, and the rough, the game offers levels involving sticky walls, buzzsaws, and acid pits. This adds all sorts of strategy to the game and prevents it from going stale. 

    There are three different ways to play multiplayer: Hotseat where the device is physically passed to each player, online head-to-head which can be played locally via wifi or on their servers, and Race mode. Race mode is by far the most interesting and fun game type in Super Stickman Golf 2: Up to four golfers play against one another where the goal is to sink the shot as fast as possible. Players are not penalized for the number of strokes they take or missed shots. This provides a significant and fun change to a game based on a sport that requires lots of patience.

    How to Play

    The controls for the game are very simple: use the left and right button to lineup the angle of your shot, then tap the "go!" button to start the power meter of your swing and tap it again to launch the ball. You can let the power meter bob back and forth until you are ready to take your shot. Zooming in and out can be done through pinching and stretching the screen.

    These controls are easy to master which saves you time and frustration to focus on strategy. 

    How it looks

    The graphics for the game are simple and 2D but nicely implemented. Colors pop off the screen and, despite the game revolving around stick people, they look high-quality and not sloppily put together. Super Stickman Golf 2 sports an 8bit chiptune soundtrack which is pleasant to listen to during gameplay. The sound effects are spot on with the "whoosh" of a stroke and the satisfying sound of a ball going into a hole after a difficult course.

    Verdict: Hole in one

    Super Stickman Golf 2 is an entertaining game that golf fanatics and casual gamers alike are sure to love.

    Super Stickman Golf 2


    Super Stickman Golf 2 2.5.1

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